Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SCOOP! Afterworld 2 and Gemini Division 2 in the works! - SF

SCOOP! Afterworld 2 and Gemini Division 2 in the works! - SF:

"In SCI FI's Live Chat last night, Producer of Gemini Division, Brent Friedman announced that Afterworld will return with a second season, as will Gemini Division. He also reminisced about his time in Australia - spending a Christmas in Oz was a slightly different experience to what he's currently used to, living on an island off Seattle, in chilly Washington State.

So when he's not eating Sushi around Australian pools, it seems he's working - up till 2am most nights. Lucky for us, because our 7.30pm chat session had him up well past midnight.

SCI FI fans got to ask him questions directly, with some extremely direct and candid answers.

What gave you the idea for Afterworld?

Afterworld was a way to explore my own phobias. Specifically a loss of technology and the need to walk. ;) My company, Electric Farm Entertainment, produced both AW and G-D."

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Brent Friedman

SOURCE: LinkedIn:

"Electric Farm Entertainment is producing original entertainment
for multi-platform distribution in all global territories. Our first project,
the WEBBY nominated "Afterworld," has proven that this new form
of media can be monetized in mulitple ways,
as well as serve as an incubator for the intellectual property."

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"was it all about the Money, yes it seems it was ... yes The Fall is coming" ~ webyter

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Episode 1: The Big Day

Russell Shoemaker is possibly the last person on Earth
"I sold technology to the world, back when there was technology" Russell runs a boutique advertising agency, and is working on an International IBM Campaign - "A way to spread the word of technology".
We meet our first characters Russell and his wife and their child ... Russell flies out to New York to make an advertising pitch ... when he wakes in his NY 4 star hotel room, he knows that something is wrong ... "maybe there had been a blackout" ... as he leaves his hotel room we see a FAX on the floor (possibly slipped under the door overnight) ... elevators, we take for granted ... Russell notices that he is alone ... and as he enters the street, the only noise he hears are the birds ... then it rained, biblical in proportion.

Now about those characters, the website says
Russell: will he eventually make it home, and what will he have to sacrifice.

Janelle Shoemaker: Russell's wife always supportive of Russell's ambitions, until recently, she appears to be the perfect wife but is she.

Kizzy Shoemaker:
Russell's daughter, older and wiser than her years imply, her dreams may prove to be very important to Russell's quest.

These are the characters that we have met, but two others are given on the web site.

Officer Delondre Baines: No-nonsense but fair NYC mounted patrol cop. Witnessed The Fall firsthand during her night beat. The event had a profound impact on her. Will she and Shoe ever meet again?

Mr Tanaka: A Japanese immigrant and World War II atomic bomb survivor. Also survived 9/11. But can he survive the uprising in Washington. DC?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Bruno Davis Mars said...
season 4 and 5 coming soon on early 2012 (most probably 1st week of February)
webyter said...
sounds positive ... your source?
webyter said...
the whole which season thing really confuses me but it all has to do with when the show was first run and where, I just want to know when the episodes will continue and if he meets his father (wait that's Star Wars ... that light Sabre always confuses me :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

wanted ... Fan Scipts

submit your Script for the next Season
... Let's get Russell back on track!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

latest news on the Afterworld

Drew said...
Well another six months have seems that Afterworld has moved to the Afterlife.

I haven't heard anything about either of the "other projects" that Brent mentions.

Such a bummer...this was one of the few series that really worked in the digital daily distribution model. It had the potential to really kick that model into high gear.
Thursday, February 24, 2011 3:42:00 AM GMT+08:00

webyter said...
as the show is still airing somewhere in the world, I get the feeling that once it has finished its "slow world wide release or contractual obligation" that the producers or those that now hold an interest in the show will throw some money at it again and lets hope this time that it could be a sim-cast world wide release and we can rejoin the afterworld and once again follow Mr Showmaker on his strange journeys - good to hear from you Drew maybe we should continue the adventure here on this blog ...